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About Connor Brite's Wildflowers

Turning a Tragedy into Blessings

In a Loving Tribute to Connor Brite and his love for music, his family, friends, and the support of the Adams County Community are proud to present: Connor Brite’s Wildflowers.


Connor Brite’s Wildflowers is a music program teaching our youth that music never dies. Wildflowers will provide Adams County youths, 4th -12th grade, with introductory lessons in guitar, drums, or piano/keyboards. The lessons will be provided at NO COST to the students. The program will start providing lessons on May 8th, 2023. The lessons will be conducted at the Merit Center Rm. 406, 1109 Dayton Avenue, Decatur, Indiana.


We are funded through community donations and have an Annual Benefit Concert each year along with T-Shirt sales. To learn more about these click the SHOP and EVENTS page.

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