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Connor Brite's Wildflowers

For many in the small town of Decatur, the earth stood still on June 7th of 2020. Three young men by the names of Connor Brite, Trevor Ortiz and Jordan Fuelling were tragically killed in a car accident by a drunk driver. All local and graduating from Bellmont High School, the entire Adams County community was left devastated. Their families never the same.

Within all the brokenness that the tragedy brought, out of honor and love, bloomed Connor Brite's Wildflowers. The only CD to survive the accident and Connor's personal favorite Tom Petty Album, WILDFLOWERS have been a symbol of hope to his family and now community at large.

To learn more about the program itself and our mission, head over to the ABOUT US page. If you're an inquiring student ready to learn the lesson that music never dies, fill out an APPLICATION under it's header. To hear more about our upcoming and past Benefit Concerts click the EVENTS page. Donations are accepted through PAYPAL and T-shirt sale options are under our SHOP page.

We hope as you learn more about the program, explore the page and dive deeper into this community, that your appreciation for music and the impact that Connor's life had grows. We hope like wildflowers, our students weather the storms that adolescence brings, find an outlet and love for musical learning, and spring forth in song in all the places they never imagined!

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